The Infectious Diseases Scholars program provides a stipend for travel and living expenses for a 1-2 month research or clinical elective experience that is specifically designed for work in Infectious Diseases.

We seek to promote diversity and inclusion by providing scholarships to qualified medical students or residents from historically underrepresented backgrounds in the medical profession.

One to two of the positions will be available for clinical research opportunities with faculty mentors who work with immunocompromised patients at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.


Required documents:

  1. Application
    • Name, address, email, phone
    • Education (undergraduate, medical school, residency) - include graduation dates
    • Birth place
  2. Copy of medical school transcript
  3. CV
  4. Personal Statement (1 page)
    • Describe your career goals and how a research and/or clinical work experience in ID augments your plans.
    • Briefly describe your background and career path with regard to opportunities and life experiences that are related to individual, institutional and societal diversity.