Grace John-Stewart, MD, MPH, PhD
Department of Medicine, Division of Allergy & Infectious Diseases
Departments of Epidemiology
Department of Global Health
Department of Pediatrics

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Dr. John-Stewart's major research interest is in studies of HIV-1 infection in Africa. She directs several large cohort studies aimed at defining mechanisms of HIV-1 transmission between sexual partners and from mothers to infants in Kenya. Particular research interests include prevention of mother-to-child HIV-1 transmission (PMTCT) clinical trials, implementation science and evaluation studies, pediatric HIV-1 studies, HIV-1 treatment programs and evaluation. Her group also focuses on maternal-child epidemiologic studies in the context of infectious diseases including studies of the mechanism of breastfeeding protective effects, child growth and neurocognitive outcomes, preterm birth, viral infections with EBV, CMV, and TB.  She collaborates with Drs. Carey Farquhar, Barbra Richardson, Julie Overbaugh, Michael Chung, R. Scott McClelland, Jennifer Slyker, Sarah Benki-Nugent, and Judd Walson.

Elizabeth Glaser Scientist Award
UW Mentoring Award
(206) 543-4278
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325 9th Ave

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Seattle, WA 98109

Research & Clinical Interests
Research Interests: 
  • Clinical HIV research
  • Prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission
  • PrEP
  • STIs
  • Pediatric HIV
  • Adolescent HIV
  • MCH

Slyker J, Casper C, Tapia K, Richardson BA, Bunts L, Huang ML, Maleche-Obimbo E, Nduati R, John-Stewart G. Clinical and virologic manifestations of primary Epstein-Barr (EBV) infection in Kenyan infants born to HIV-infected women. J Infect Dis. 2013; 207(12):1798-806.
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Walson JL, Singa BO, Sangaré L, Naulikha J, Piper B, Richardson BA, Otieno PA, Mbogo LW, Berkley J, John-Stewart G. Empiric deworming to delay HIV disease progression in adults with HIV who are ineligible for initiation of antiretroviral treatment (the HEAT study): a multi-site, randomised trial. Lancet Infect Dis. 2012; 12(12):925-32.
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Jonnalagadda S, Lohman-Payne B, Brown E, Wamawa D, Obimbo E, Farquhar C, Otieno P, Mbori-Ngacha D, John-Stewart G. Latent tuberculosis detection by interferon ? release assay during pregnancy predicts active tuberculosis and mortality in human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected women and their children. J Infect Dis. 2010; 202(12):1826-35. 
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Nduati R, John-Stewart G, Mbori-Ngacha D, Richardson B, Overbaugh J, Mwatha A, et al. Effect of breastfeeding and formula feeding on transmission of HIV-1: a randomized clinical trial. JAMA. 2000; 283(9):1167-74.
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