Matthew C. Altman, MD, MPhil
Associate Professor
Department of Medicine, Division of Allergy & Infectious Diseases
Associate Scientist
Benaroya Research Institute
Interim Head, Allergy Section
Sites of Practice: 
Harborview Medical Center
University of Washington Medical Center

Faculty Information


Genome transcriptional profiling and genome sequencing technologies are powerful approaches to identify novel biomarkers and mechanisms of immune mediated diseases. These technologies generate huge amounts of biological information and require sophisticated computational tools to understand molecular pathways of the immune system in health and disease. Dr. Altman’s translational research interests focus on the use of whole genome transcriptional profiling and multi-omics approaches, and leverage big-data computational biology to understand the molecular mechanisms underpinning severe asthma and other immunologic diseases. Furthermore, his work seeks to both develop and understand personalized approaches to the use of immune based therapeutics in these diseases. He collaborates with several large NIAID funded consortiums including the Inner City Asthma Consortium, the Immune Tolerance Network, and the Allergic Diseases Cooperative Research Centers.


Education & Training: 
Harvard University
Boston, MA
MPhil, Biological Science
Cambridge University
United Kingdom
Fellowship in Allergy & Immunology
University of Washington
Seattle, WA
Resident in Internal Medicine
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Boston, MA
Seattle Magazine Top Doctors, Allergy and Immunology
Seattle Magazine Top Doctors, Allergy and Immunology
AAAAI Faculty Development Award
(206) 543-3781
Mailing Address: 

UW Medicine at South Lake Union
750 Republican St

Box 358061

Seattle, WA 98109-4725

Research & Clinical Interests
Research Interests: 
My primary research interest is applying systems biology, transcriptomics, and bioinformatics approaches to the study of severe asthma including the pathogenesis of asthma development and asthma exacerbations. I also use these approaches for the study of primary immunodeficiency disease and other immunologic disorders.
Clinical Interests: 

My clinical interests are in asthma, primary immunodeficiency, and drug allergy.


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