Madeleine Heldman
Fellowship Program: 
Infectious Diseases

Fellow Information

Medical School: 
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
McGaw Medical Center at Northwestern University
Cincinnati, OH
Running, hiking, jigsaw puzzles, podcasts

Research Interest/Project:

1) Leading a national registry (founded by Olivia Kates!) of solid organ transplant recipients with COVID-19.
2) Examine the incidence and outcomes of viral infections after CAR-T-cell therapy.

Mentor(s): Ajit Limaye, Cindy Fisher, Josh Hill

Additional Work: EBV is my favorite virus! I am doing a retrospective chart study to examine the incidence and outcomes of PTLD in EBV D+/R- solid organ transplant recipients.

Previous Lives: Other than being a medical student and resident, I have worked in a basic science lab at the NIH, served falafel and pizza to hungry college students (while I was in college), and taught kids how to waterski as a camp counselor.

5 Year Plan: Transplant/immunocompromised host clinician/researcher ....and figuring out a way to get paid to teach medical students and residents how awesome ID is!

Fun Facts: I am tone deaf but love musicals! I can sing "Hamilton" and "Rent" from start to finish.