Olivia Kates, MD
Fellowship Program: 
Infectious Diseases

Fellow Information

Medical School: 
Tufts University School of Medicine
Columbia University, New York Presbyterian Hospital
Rochester, NY
Pomeranian walking, handmade pastas, all these free broadcasts from the Metropolitan opera

Research Interest/Project: Bioethics in infectious diseases (Vaccination, Transplantation, Stewardship, and End-of-Life)

Mentor(s): Dr. Catherine Liu, Dr. Steve Pergam

Additional Work: UW COVID-19 in SOT Registry Project (handed off to Dr. Heldman!)

Previous Lives: Had a job at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for 3 years in college. Birds!

5 Year Plan: Complete my masters in bioethics at UW (2021) and apply for blended academic jobs in bioethics and immunocompromised ID. Set up an academic career studying ethics issues in ID, beginning with the ethical dimensions of antimicrobial stewardship particularly in special populations.

Fun Facts: I have a driver's license, but I haven't been behind the wheel since 2014. Prefer to walk!