Tara Reid
Fellowship Program: 
Infectious Diseases

Fellow Information

Medical School: 
University of Washington
Alameda Health System, Highland Hospital
Anchorage, Alaska
Gardening, potentially rollerblading/rollerskating

Graduate School: PhD, Pathobiology, University of Washington

Research Interest/Project: Bacterial STI pathogenesis, antigenic variation, Syphilis, cutaneous T cell responses, vaccine development, treponematoses

Mentor(s): David Koelle, Lorenzo Giacani, Julie Dombrowski

Additional Work: Raising my children, maximizing the output of my small vegetable garden.

Interest/Hobbies: Gardening, potentially rollerblading/rollerskating

Previous Lives: Internal Medicine resident

5 Year Plan: Work on an effective vaccine for syphilis and participate in establishing clinical studies

Fun Facts: I am a low-key prepper.