The department is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Anna Wald as our new Head of the Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, effective November 8. Dr. Wald follows in the steps of Wes Van Voorhis, who led the division for ten years; Walt Stamm, who led the division for 13 years; and Seymour Klebanoff, who was the first division head and led the division from 1976-1994.

Dr. Wald received her medical degree in 1985 from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and completed her internship and residency at Boston City Hospital in 1988.
She came to the University of Washington in 1989 to work with Ann Collier in HIV research, then became a senior fellow in 1991 and received her MPH in 1994. She rose through the ranks to professor in 2007 and holds joint titles in Laboratory Medicine and Epidemiology. She is also a full member at Fred Hutch. 
Her current research centers on the epidemiology, natural history, and immunobiology of herpes simplex virus infection in immunocompetent and immunocompromised hosts. She has directed the UW Virology Research Clinic, a world-renowned leader in herpes research, since 1995. She has an excellent publication record, a well-established national and international reputation for innovative and cutting edge research in sexually transmitted diseases, and has been able to obtain significant funding support in a competitive research environment.
She mentors 2-3 trainees per year and is a member of our Department of Medicine Mentorship Committee.
Dr. Wald has received numerous awards, including the Fialkow Scholar Award, UW Medicine Award for Excellence in Mentoring Women and Minorities, Association for Women in Science Award for Scientific Advancement and the American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association Distinguished Career Award.