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Infectious Diseases
Professor Emeritus, Department of Global Health
Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Allergy & Infectious Diseases
Adjunct Professor, Department of Microbiology

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Dr. Lingappa is well known for her studies demonstrating that host enzymes are co-opted by viruses for the purpose of facilitating capsid assembly. In 2002, her lab reported in the journal Nature that a cellular ATPase, ABCE1, plays a critical role in assembly of the HIV-1 viral capsid. More recently, her group demonstrated that the cellular factor DDX6, an RNA helicase, is critical for HIV-1 capsid assembly.

Research interests

Clinical interests

Jaisri Lingappa’s lab studies how viruses hijack host proteins to promote assembly of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) and other viruses, using biochemical and cell biological approaches. Our group has demonstrated that, in cells, the assembly of immature HIV-1 capsids occurs through a pathway of assembly intermediates, and is facilitated by the catalytic activity of the host enzymes ABCE1 and DDX6. To form assembly intermediates (also called “assembly machines”), HIV-1 co-opts sites of RNA metabolism called RNA granules.

Education & training

MD, University of Massachusetts, Boston MA

PhD, Harvard University, Cambridge MA


Joe McKee International Red Ribbon Award (2012)


Tanaka M, Robinson BA, Chutiraka K, Geaury CD, Reed JC, Lingappa JR. Mutations of conserved residues in the major homology region arrest assembling HIV-1 Gag as a membrane-targeted intermediate containing genomic RNA and cellular proteins. J. Virol. 2015; 90(4):1944-63.
• PubMed Abstract

Lingappa JR, Reed RC, Tanaka M, Chutiraka K, Robinson BA. How HIV-1 Gag assembles in cells: Putting together pieces of the puzzle. Virus Res. 2014; 193:89-107. 
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Robinson BA, Reed JC, Geary CD, Swain JV, Lingappa JR. A temporospatial map that defines specific steps at which critical surfaces in the Gag MA and CA domains act during immature HIV-1 capsid assembly in cells. J. Virol. 2014; 88(10):5718-41.
• PubMed Abstract

Lingappa UF, Wu X, Macieik A, Yu SF, Atuegbu A, Corpuz M, Francis J, Nichols C, Calayag A, Shi H, Ellison JA, Harrell EK, Asundi V, Lingappa JR, Prasad MD, Lipkin WI, Dey D, Hurt CR, Lingappa VR, Hansen WJ, Rupprecht CE. Host-rabies virus protein-protein interactions as druggable antiviral targets. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 2013; 110 (10):E861-8.
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Reed JC, Molter B, Geary CD, McNevin J, McElrath J, Giri S, Klein KC, Lingappa JR. HIV-1 Gag co-opts a cellular complex containing DDX6, a helicase that facilitates capsid assembly. J. Cell Biol. 2012; 198(3):439-56.
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