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James I.

Infectious Diseases
Professor, Department of Microbiology
Professor, Department of Global Health
Adjunct Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology

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The Mullins laboratory uses the techniques of molecular, computational, and virus biology to provide basic insights into the HIV-human host relationship. Our goals are to assist the fight against AIDS by gaining insight into the establishment of infection and the development of the disease in order to assist creation of effective vaccines and to refine therapies. Current effort utilizes a variety of techniques to define and understand the implications of HIV's extraordinary evolutionary rate and ensuing genetic diversity as well as testing new approaches to vaccine immunogen and therapeutics design. These techniques include virology, molecular biological and statistical analysis of nucleotide sequences. Collaborators include Drs. McElrathCollier, Horton, Mittler, Zhu, Gottlieb, Campbell, Lingappa, Corey and Celum.

research interests

  • HIV, vaccines
  • Cure-related research



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