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We are committed to training new doctors through active learning, collaboration, and quality patient care.

Fellowship Programs
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Our faculty are active as teachers and mentors in all educational settings including fellowship training, continuing medical education, and research efforts across UW Campuses.

We provide fellowship programs in Allergy and ImmunologyInfectious Diseases, and Global and Rural Health.  We offer research training or participatory experiences for senior fellows, residents, medical students, and undergraduates.

The University of Washington Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) oversees and provides support to the residency and clinical fellowship training programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), as well as other post-graduate training programs. The GME Office is dedicated to providing residents and fellows with the best educational experience possible and a positive work environment.

We provide opportunities for training as a core component of our mission. In addition to our fellowship programs, we offer clinical and research training programs for medical students and residents.

Fellowship PROGRAMS

Allergy & Immunology

two- to three-year training experience intended to provide the highest quality clinical and research training in order to equip fellows with the skills they will need for an academic or clinical practice career.

Infectious Diseases

two-year to four-year training experience intended for those interested in an academic career. The first year of the fellowship will provide a wide range of clinical ID experiences in general infectious diseases, solid organ and stem cell transplant and HIV care. The remaining years of fellowship have ongoing clinical experiences plus the opportunity for a wide range of scholarly experiences, including laboratory-based research, epidemiology, clinical research, quality improvement, education. 

Global and Rural Health

two-year program based in clinical and research training in global health, clinical training with Native populations in Alaska and South Dakota, education, mentorship, and teaching opportunities.


UW Graduate Medical Education (GME)




  • University of Washington Medical Center ranked #1 in the state
  • Harborview Medical Center Level 1 Trauma Center ranked #2 in the state
  • School of Medicine ranked #1 in primary care in the country
  • School of Medicine ranked #10 for research
  • Internal Medicine Residency ranked #7 in the country
  • University of Washington's Allergy & Infectious Diseases program ranked #4 in the world

Patient Snapshot

  • 41,000 patients admitted annually
  • 1.4 million outpatient clinic and ED visits each year