Global & Rural Health Fellowship

Our mission


Our mission is to train the next generation of leaders in medical fields to bring dignified, justice-oriented, and sustainable improvements to the healthcare of vulnerable populations within global and local communities

1/3 of orientation 2022
2/3 of orientation 2022
3/3 of orientation 2022
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The Global and Rural Health Fellowship is an affiliated fellowship with the Department of Global Health.

It is a two-year program based in a structured curriculum containing clinical and research training in global health, clinical training with Native populations in Alaska and South Dakota, education, mentorship, and teaching opportunities.


Program Leadership

Dr. Romcevich

Dr. Laura E. Romcevich

Program Director

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Meryl Yang

Meryl Yang

Program Manager, Global and Rural Heath Fellowship

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Francis Montes Vasquez

Francis Montes  Vazquez

Program Administrator of Education and Fellowships

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Stephanie Otani-Sunamoto

Program Coordinator, Global and Rural Health Fellowship

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Division Leadership